How to Treat Pimples - Top 3 Secrets Acne Product Companies Don't Want You to Know

At some point we all have asked, how to treat pimples and there are many companies who claim they have the magic cure. The simple truth is many of the products being sold are junk. There are some companies charging up to thirty dollars per month to treat acne. Who can afford this in today's economy? These huge companies are banking on the desperation and pain that we acne suffers often feel. The good news it you no longer have to be one of the millions who have thrown hard earned money away on acne treatment. Keep reading on to find out the top 3 secrets that acne product companies don't want you to know.

Secret 1 - Cleansing Products

Big acne retailers would like you to believe that in order to have beautiful skin that you must buy four or five different products. The truth is you only need a good mild soap. You can find a gentle soap at any health food store. You no longer have to spend twenty to thirty dollars per month on an acne treatment; instead you only spend less than ten dollars. There are soaps at these health food stores that are especially made for the face and they are made of all natural ingredients which will not further irritate your skin.

Secret 2 - Diet

Many companies try to talk clients into buying special vitamins and supplements in order to treat acne. While these supplements can have some good benefits they are often overpriced. You can achieve the same results by eating a proper diet of fruits and vegetables. When eating a good diet of fruits and vegetables is combined with drinking eight to ten glasses of water the results are amazing for the skin, if you feel you need an extra supplement then I suggest taking a good multi vitamin.

Secret 3 - Cosmetics

Many big acne retailers will also try to up-sell a client into buying their specialized cosmetics and by the time one buys foundation, powder, and concealer, the price can range upwards of fifty plus dollars. This is not including all the special brushes and applicators and by now the acne suffer is easily looking at a $100 dollars plus of stuff they really don't need. Acne suffers can find non-oil based cosmetics at their local superstore or pharmacy and save a huge chunk of change. Special applicators and brushes aren't needed either, all one has to do is cleanse their current brushes and applicators after every use with a makeup remover.

As you can see the people in the acne industry prey on people's desperation and pain by promising an easy fix for their acne problems, these promises often fall short and are nothing more than just over hyped -over priced products. These products typically only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the acne. The good news is learning how to treat pimples is easy and very inexpensive. Follow the above steps to avoid wasting your money and time on things that simply do not work.

Which acne medication that must be selected ?

When it comes to acne medication, a number of medications are available in the market. However, almost none of the medicines can actual cure acne. In almost all cases, doctors will recommend patients to try a number of different products. This is because the doctor needs to find a combination of treatments that will actual help to cure patients' acne problems.

Each individual will experience different effect from similar acne treatments. Which makes treating acne can be quit difficult. It will be try and error treatments on various medications before the right one in found that can actually cure the acne. It can be quit frustrated to some patients who want quick solution to their acne problems. And thus, it is advisable to seek professional medical opinion from experienced doctors and dermatologists.

In dealing with acne, there are a number of don'ts that you need to know. Never scrub your skin which is affected by acne. Doing so will cause irritation and inflammation making the skin prone to acne breakouts. So do not try to treat the acne yourself but get an experienced doctor or a dermatologist's treatments.

Usually a doctor will recommend a topical cream. But the cream does not cure the acne but rather helps to reduce the symptoms. The treatment is aimed to unplug pores, kill the bacteria, reduce sebum production and to ease hormones that stimulate production of sebum. In cases whereby topical cream is not effective, a doctor will recommend oral antibiotic that combines with cream. Topical cream must be taken in small doses. Studies have shown that prolonged use or over dosage can cause premature aging on human skin.

In short, always get advice from an experienced doctor or dermatologist. Remember acne solution a long curing process. In fact, doctors will advise to continue with the recommended treatment for at least four to six weeks for a patient to see the affect. It is normal to try several treatments before a patient can successfully cured his or her acne problems.

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