Antibiotics Causes Drug Resistance in the Family of Acne Sufferers

A recently concluded research came up with the result that acne germ can spread among the members of the family. This family spreading acne germ is resistant to antibiotics. The study which was conducted by Swedish researchers, came up with this astonishing research.

The germ that they are referring to propionibecterium acne or P. acnes which tends to erupt into blotches and pustules of acne. Initially P. acne was treated through antibiotics but in time the germs became resistant to antibiotics.

Not just the patient but the family:

Initially the researchers thought that only the people carrying the drug treatment might be the carriers of this germ but research on the close family showed that it was not the case. The researches took skin samples of two close family people along with the patient undergoing antibiotic therapy.

The research observed that almost 50% of the people(family members) carried drug-resistant acne bacteria on their skin. Further analysis showed that these family members had the same strain of P. acnes as their patient family members. The positive side of the report is that the family members were able to shake of the germ but only after the patient(acne) stopped using antibiotics.

The other thing that came out through this report is that apparently you cannot avoid this drug resisting skin disorder no matter what, even if you avoid contact with the bearer you still might end up having acne.

The Alternative:

Antibiotics might be considered the final resort when it comes to getting rid of severe acne but it is certainly not the case. There are a number of natural and organic acne treatments available in the market that are equally effective and they don't have side effects. By going towards a more natural acne treatment you not only save yourself from the antibiotic resisting germ but you also are avoiding genetic consequences for the family.