How to Clear Acne Effectively

If you need to find out how to clear Acne conditions the chances are you aren't alone. There are over 60 million people in the US alone who suffer from Acne, and let's face it, no one would ever want to keep their Acne.

Each sufferer can typically spend thousands of dollars in their search for the ultimate Acne treatment. If you do the math, you can see why Acne products are a lucrative and hugely successful market. So before you start throwing your money at cosmetic companies, there are a few small things you could try first that don't cost you anything extra.

Firstly, try not to touch your face too much, Acne can be quite irritating and it's all too easy to give in to the urge to touch. We do everything with our hands so it stands to reason there will be a high bacterial content on them, especially if they are unwashed. Touching your face transports bacteria from your hands. As bacteria are the main cause of Acne it is important to keep your bacteria levels down, so resist that urge!

Do not 'Pick and Pop' existing Acne spots. Doing so significantly increases your chances of developing scars, some of which may never heal. Treating Acne scars can be trickier then healing Acne.

Another important step in how to clear Acne is changing your pillow case. Bacteria and dirt from your face can accumulate on your pillow and transfer back to your face at night. Make sure you wash before bed, and change your pillow case regularly.

Tie back your hair or use a headband to keep your fringe or other hair strands away from your face, especially if you use products in your hair. Styling products can irritate the skin and transfer grease to your face. Try not to use these at all, keep your hair clean and use gentle shampoos.

For those who wear make-up, remember to remove it before you go to sleep. Use a deep cleansing gentle make-up remover, such as a hypoallergenic fragrance free cleanser, ensuring you remove all the make-up thoroughly.

If you shave, remember to do so 'with the grain'. This decreases the chance of hairs growing inwards after shaving which blocks skin pores and causes irritation.

Drink enough water, not doing so will dehydrate you, which lowers your immunity and stops the body from being able to properly cleanse itself of toxins that can help cause Acne and are also harmful to your body.

Don't forget to get eight hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep overworks your body causing stress and fatigue. This lowers your immunity, preventing your body from tackling the bacteria that cause Acne.

And finally, the easiest and simplest method for how to clear acne is to wash your face 2-3 times a day. Any more or less can be counter productive to tackling Acne so make sure you build this into your daily routine.